Camera-ready Submission

Since TCHES doesn't have a commercial editor, authors need to make sure that their paper adheres to the editorial critera when submitting their camera-ready version.
Here is a short list of common issues and how to solve them. More detailed information can be found in the documentation and template for the IACR Transactions LateX class:

• Use the most recent IACR Transactions LateX class with the correct arguments:

• Do not modify the page style and do not use manual style formatting to e.g. adapt the global font, fontsize and predefined distances.

• For each affiliation, we need a city and country name for indexation purpose, even if it is redundant e.g.: University of Atlantis, Atlantis, Atlantis.

• If you summarize email addresses, add the real addresses as optional argument to make the clickable links correct:

• If the title is too long for the page header, or includes a special macro, please provide a "running title" as optional argument:
\title[short title]{long title}.
If the author names break the page header, provide a shortened version:
\authorrunning{R.Schneider et al.}

• References must be standardized and clean. We strongly encourage authors to use BibTeX for the
bibliograpy, using bibliographic data from dblp or cryptobib.

• Lastly, make sure the files you send us are complete and do not lack files for e.g. figures.